Customer Correspondence

Enhancing Customer Service with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Customer Service departments are at the forefront of managing a company’s reputation; yet the Customer Service staff tasked with this responsibility are working in a complex, time sensitive environment with multiple systems, high volumes and little room for error.

Using inSTREAM™'s IPA, these tasks can be streamlined through automation, delivering a smart, more efficient process, reducing manual effort, speeding up resolution times and enhancing customer service.


reduction in manual effort involved in correspondence processing

"Virgin Trains openly state that Celaton are one of the best suppliers in terms of service, insight, innovation and future proofing they have ever worked with."

Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

Customers Achieve

Improved customer service and reputation

Faster case resolution times

Full visibility of process, case history and reporting to ensure compliance

Improved staff morale and productivity

Intelligent Process Automation in Action

inSTREAM customer correspondence automation

Data extraction, validation and approval

inSTREAM reads the correspondence in order to understand the meaning and intent, i.e the customer’s query or complaint and the outcome they are looking to achieve. Based on this information, inSTREAM routes it to the relevant and respective queue for processing.

inSTREAM extracts key data from the document based on the business requirements and rules and then carries out further tasks including:

  • Validation and verification of information in other systems and data sources
  • Enrichment of the information by referencing contact history and transaction data

Once inSTREAM has collated all the information, it applies the company’s business rules to determine the personalised response to be sent back to the customer.

customer correspondence data extraction

Personalised Response

In collaboration with the agent, inSTREAM sends a personalised response based on the companies branded template directly to the customer ensuring that response time targets are met, and the customer receives the answer to their query first time.

"The benefits of inSTREAM have been felt across every part of the organisation and out in our customer base."

Chief Financial Officer, Currys
Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop

As an AI platform inSTREAM requires human interaction to learn. Through an easy to use Graphical User Interface Customer Service Agents can collaborate with inSTREAM to support its knowledge. inSTREAM learns from every transaction processed and as volumes of documents increase, inSTREAM’s confidence and accuracy improve.

Reporting & Dashboards

inSTREAM Reporting

inSTREAM’s dashboards and reports provide organisations with visibility of processes and people enabling monitoring of costs, quality, capacity and productivity leading to greater control. inSTREAM provides analytics and insights into:

  • Data audit trails

  • Process insights

  • Performance analytics

All information is kept within a secure environment, with appropriate access granted. InSTREAM provides organisations with a simple and powerful way to bring together documents into a secure repository and create reports for management information.

Data Security

Full visibility of processes enables organisations to be fully GDPR compliant. Celaton is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation ensuring your data is protected. Celaton is certified as compliant with ISO 27001:2013 which is globally recognized as the premier information security management system (ISMS) standard. Celaton achieved certification by developing and implementing a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).mpliant.


inSTREAM is agnostic with regards to system integration and to date we have solution with integration into a wide variety of platforms. Some examples include:

Celaton also delivers trusted Intelligent Process Automation solutions for Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing and Delay Repay for train operators.

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