Supporting Train Operators with Digital Transformation

In recent years, Train Operating Companies (TOCs) have come under increasing pressure to deliver enhanced customer offerings, including mandatory Delay Repay (DR) compensation and improved customer interaction, whilst still delivering value to its stakeholders.

Balancing these requirements is no simple task and it is in these areas where real value is delivered to TOCs through Celaton's Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform, inSTREAM™.


reduction in manual effort involved in correspondence handling

"Virgin Trains openly stated that Celaton are one of the best suppliers in terms of service, insight, innovation and future proofing that they have worked with."

Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

With Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform, inSTREAM, organisations can achieve:

Increased operational efficiency

Enhanced customer engagement

Faster processing and response times

Reduced cost

Competitive advantage

  • Delay Repay Processing

    Delay Repay

    Managing DR claims is time consuming, costly and a mandatory requirement for UK train operators. IPA can be applied to the task of processing these claims to achieve great efficiencies and reduces the risk of noncompliance through eliminating errors and delays. inSTREAM for DR is one of the UK’s leading compensation claims processing and management solutions for TOCs, enabling them to significantly increase efficiencies, reduce cost and deliver an improved DR service to their customers.

    Key Benefits

    • Automated processing freeing up agent’s time to spend with customers
    • Reduction in operational overheads
    • Reduction of errors
    • Minimal additional FTE resource required during surge periods
    • Compliant with ORR regulations and Consumer Rights Act requirements
  • Customer Correspondence Processing

    Customer Correspondence

    As the number of people wanting to travel by train increases, as does the amount of customer correspondence that train operators receive, and it is these interactions which can impact an organisation’s reputation. Managing correspondence is therefore essential for the success of the business, yet they can be the most complex (some TOCs have more than 500 correspondence categories) and time-consuming to process. With inSTREAM IPA, train operators can enhance their customer service offering, through more accurately and quickly processing, and responding to customer enquiries, complaints and requests.

    Key Benefits

    • Improved customer service and reputation
    • Increased Net Promoter Scores
    • Faster case resolution times
    • Staff freed up to complete higher value tasks
    • Improved staff morale
  • Invoice Process Auotmation

    Invoice Processing

    Processing the wide variety of complex supplier invoices received, is a manually intensive and repetitive task and is often subject to delays and errors. With inSTREAM IPA, processing can be streamlined through automation, delivering a smart, more efficient process.

    Key Benefits

    • Faster processing time leading to early payment discounts and enhanced supplier relationships
    • Higher levels of data accuracy and identification of non-compliant invoice submissions
    • Detailed MI reports providing full visibility of invoices and company expenditure

Intelligent Process Automation in Action

inSTREAM Delay Repay TOC solution

“The result has been impressive and a complete success. We have significantly improved our ability to respond to customers and achieved flexibility and scalability."

Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

Supporting business growth and visibility

inSTREAM has been designed to support organisations with processes essential to its everyday operations and growth. To ensure success, ease of use and compliance inSTREAM is embedded with the following:

Integration Data Security Reporting & Dashboards

Celaton also delivers trusted Intelligent Process Automation solutions for Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing, Customer Correspondence handling and Delay Repay for train operators.

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