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It is expected that from 2017 to 2022 the BPO industry will grow from $329 billion to $409billion. This is as businesses recognise the value and cost reductions that they can achieve by outsourcing their labour-intensive processes. Typical processes that are outsourced include Financial, Sales and Customer Services.

To be a successful BPO, it is critical to have secure, auditable and efficient processing in place to perform tasks. These tasks need to be of open-ended scalability and offer business continuity that is highly visible and reportable to the customer.


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"Capgemini and Celaton can clearly demonstrate tangible, innovative and fully operational AI implementations that are delivering business value..."

Jon Bell, Head of Global Delivery Network, Capgemini Business Services

With Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform, inSTREAM™, organisations can achieve:

Increased operational efficiency

Faster processing and response times

Reduced costs

Errors eliminated

Enhanced customer engagement

Competitive advantage

  • Invoice Processing

    For BPO companies, the receipt of invoices is often a complex process, with many invoices being received from different customers. Invoices arrive in multiple formats, structured and unstructured meaning processing these documents is labour intensive, repetitive and often subject to errors, exceptions and delays. With inSTREAM’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), these tasks can be streamlined through automation, delivering a smarter, more efficient process, reducing the amount of manual effort required, improving processing time and reducing cost.

    Key Benefits

    • Faster processing time leading to early payment discounts and enhanced supplier relationships
    • Higher levels of data accuracy and identification of non-compliant invoice submissions
    • Detailed MI reports providing full visibility of invoices and company expenditure
  • Sales Order Processing

    The efficiency of processing a sales order is critical to an organisation’s profitability and growth and ensures Service Levels are met. inSTREAM automatically recognises and extracts line item data, carrying out validation, obtaining approvals and applying business rules to significantly improve processing efficiencies.

    Key Benefits

    • Manual effort reduced by over 65%
    • Processing time reduced by 87%
    • Errors eliminated
    • Improved customer service

Intelligent Process Automation in Action

"We are taking our delivery from debate to global implementation and are proud to partner with Celaton as a leading vendor in the business process AI space."

Lee Beardmore, VP & CTO, Capgemini Business Services

Supporting business growth and visibility

inSTREAM has been designed to support organisations with processes essential to its everyday operations and growth. To ensure success, ease of use and compliance inSTREAM is embedded with the following:

Integration Data Security Reporting & Dashboards

Celaton also delivers trusted Intelligent Process Automation solutions for Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing, Customer Correspondence handling and Delay Repay for train operators.

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