Transformation Journey

Committed to supporting businesses on their Digital Transform­ation Journey

Transformation Journey

Committed to sSupporting businesses on their Digital Transformation Journey

"Technology driven innovative businesses are growing 3 to 4 X their industry average."

Pascal Matzke, Forrester

Starting on an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) journey, gives organisations the opportunity to achieve efficiencies resulting in:

The ability to grow whilst managing operational overheads

Revenue growth

Improved customer service quality

Competitive advantage

Improved business and operational insights

The IPA journey is based on strong relationships between key stakeholders, operatives and the Celaton team. Every customer’s requirements are specific to their business and understanding these along with the outcomes required is crucial to the success of a project.

There are three key steps to the IPA journey:

1. Understanding the customer and their requirements (Diagnostic)

The first stage is to understand process and how automation can deliver effficiencies. During this stage, activities that are covered include:

  • Understanding of the current end-to-end process and create current ‘As-Is’ process maps including any systems used

  • Understand the business challenges and their impact

  • Ensure key stakeholders understand the value and benefits

  • Create a business case to include:

  • Primary objectives

  • Business and economic benefits

  • Measurable ROI

  • Create ‘To-Be’ process maps defining automation and a project plan with agreed timescales and responsibilities

  • Provide clarity on dependencies of both parties

2. Implementation

Once contracts are signed the implementation process will be started in-line with the agreed Project Plan. Key activities are:
  • Project manager is assigned

  • Governance is agreed

  • Requirements and business rules fully understood

  • Workflow implemented

  • Internal testing

  • Customer training and UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

  • Reports defined

3. The onward journey (Optimisation)

inSTREAM continually learns from every transaction it processes; as the volume of documents increases, as will inSTREAM’s accuracy and confidence. To ensure our customers achieve the highest value from their investment:

  • Regular reviews and optimisation of the process

  • Allocaton of a dedicated account manager

  • Provision of regular service packs to illustrate the value achieved

  • Ensure best practice is used

  • Review other processes where Intelligent Process Automation can deliver value

  • Continue to work in a partnership approach

  • Share industry insights and further benefits that can be realised

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