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Transforming Organisations with Business Process Automation

Celaton offers a wide range of automation solutions to deliver significant value to organisations across a wide variety of industries. Whether an organisation is focused on speeding up the supply chain, improving customer service or optimising back-office processes, Celaton’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, inSTREAM™ can help.

Celaton’s extensive experience and knowledge about both technology and business processes across many industries, enabling us to deliver the best solution for every customer.

Explore how Celaton could support your industry.

retail solutions

Retail & Ecommerce

Whilst much focus has been placed on retailers using automation at the front end of their operations, back-office processes are often neglected, therefore it is within this area that most value can be delivered through process automation.


Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are under increasing pressure to deliver enhanced customer offerings, including mandatory Delay Repay (DR) compensation and improved customer interaction. Balancing these requirements is no simple task and it is in these areas where real value is delivered to TOCs through Intelligent Process Automation.



The manufacturing industry continues to grow and as competition increases, it is of vital importance that manufacturers utilise Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) in back office processes to stay ahead and ensure operational efficiencies.


Transport & Logistics

Many logistics companies still perform manually intensive back office activities using a high paper base to process sales orders, invoices and customer correspondence. It is within these processes that automation can really add value.


To be a successful BPO, it is critical to have secure, auditable and efficient processing in place to perform tasks. These tasks need to be of open-ended scalability and offer business continuity that is highly visible and reportable to the customer.

travel industry automation

Travel & Leisure

The Travel and Leisure industries are experiencing record growth putting them increasingly under pressure to deliver more variety to customers at better value for money. Automation could enable organisations to meet this demand and gain competitive edge.

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