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Streamlining Sales Order Processing with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Zenith Hygiene is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer, supplier and distributor of cleaning and hygiene chemicals and products and have over 4000 customers across 20,000 sites throughout the country. Zenith turned to Celaton to support them with continued growth and delivery of exceptional customer service.


efficiency gained in Sales Order Processing

"inSTREAM has had a positive impact and has created a competitive approach within the team."

Emily Saul-Baylis, Customer Excellence Manager

Delivering Digitial Transformation with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Zenith Hygiene Achieved:

Reduction in errors - inaccurate data prevented from entering the ERP system

Growth and scale

Significant improvement in customer experience

Intelligent Sales Order Processing

Processing customer sales orders was time-consuming and manually intensive, which not only took time away from Zenith's operatives interacting with customers, but also caused delays and errors.

Celaton deployed its Intelligent Process Automation Platform, inSTREAM™, to help Zenith streamline the labour intensive administrative tasks and decision making involved with sales order processing. Orders are received as email attachments and seamlessley delivered to inSTREAM which learns the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing the document. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read and categorise the document whilst extracting key data and carrying out further tasks such as verification of customer details, matching line order items and other business process rules.

Since inSTREAM was implemented, the number of orders Zenith now receives on a monthly basis has increased by an average of 46%. Even with this increase, the number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) needed to process the orders has reduced by 2 to just 9 FTEs. inSTREAM’s ‘Human in the Loop’ and user friendly interface means that orders requiring sales team input have an average handling time in the region of 1 minute, achieving 83% efficiency gains.

inSTREAM sales order automation

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