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Inbound claims handling with Intelligent Process Automation

Davies Group is one of the UK’s premier providers of total claims solutions across all sectors of the insurance market, including Claims Management, Validation, Fulfilment and Bespoke Solutions for the majority of UK Insurers, including companies like Churchill, Admiral and Zurich. Davies Group prides themselves on spearheading change and innovation in the claims market and as such were keen to revolutionise how they captured the data from incoming claims documents and attachments. They turned to Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing platform, inSTREAM™ to help streamline the processing of claims.

“inSTREAM has proven to be immensely powerful and means that we can easily scale to handle the increase in claims volumes.”

Managing Director, DMS

Delivering effiencies to Claims Processing

Davies Group Achieved:

Significant reduction in manual effort

Growth and scale with-out recruitment of new staff

Significant improvement in customer experience and relationships

Competitive Advantage

"inSTREAM helps us to reduce claim cost and speeds up the claims process, a win-win for insurer and policyholder alike."

Managing Director, DMS

Automated Claims Processing

Davies Group needed a solution that would enable them to offer their customers an innovative, cost-effective service without sacrificing quality, accuracy or compliance.  Davies primary requirement, after performance and availability of service, was scalability and low human intervention. Even within an insurance marketplace exhibiting little growth, there are surges in demand caused by unpredictable factors such as ‘acts of god’.

Celaton deployed its Intelligent Process Automation Platform, inSTREAM, to enable Davies Group to streamline their claims handling process, reducing costs, improving visibility and throughput in a resilient and scalable way.  All claims (emails, attachments, post and web forms) are received by inSTREAM, which learns the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing the document. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read and categorise the document whilst extracting key data and carrying out further tasks such as validation and verification of case details, identification suspicious claims and other business checks.

inSTREAM invoice process automation

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