Business Process Solutions

Delivering efficiency to business functions with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Transforming the way that key business functions complete manually repetitive, labour-intensive processes with Intelligent Automation. From document receipt, data extraction, validation, delivery and many other tasks, Celaton’s inSTREAM™ platform enables organisations to streamline end-to-end processes.

Explore how Celaton helps core business functions boost productivity, deliver operational efficiencies and ensure success.

Invoice process automation

Accounts Payable

The finance operation within a business, especially that of an Accounts Payable (AP) team carries a high level of responsibility to ensure invoices are correct, approved and paid on time. Yet the tasks carried out by the AP Clerks are time-consuming, repetitive and sometimes error-prone.

Find out how inSTREAM delivers an average 75% reduction in manual effort processing invoices.

Sales Order Processing

Customer Sales orders are critical to both the sustainability and growth of any business. However, manual Sales Order Processing (SOP) can be time-consuming, error-prone and lead to fulfilment delays, potentially hindering delivery lead times ultimately leading to poor customer satisfaction.

Find out how inSTREAM delivers an average 83% efficiency saving for Sales Order processing

customer service automation

Customer Correspondence

Customer Service departments are at the forefront of managing a company’s reputation; yet Customer Service staff are working in a complex, time sensitive environment, high volumes and little room for error.

Find out how inSTREAM delivers an average 85% reduction in manual effort handling correspondence.

delay repay claims processing

Delay Repay

inSTREAM for Delay Repay (DR) is one of the leading compensation claims processing and management solutions for Train Operating Companies (TOCs), enabling them to significantly increase efficiencies, reduce cost and deliver an improved DR service to their customers.

Find out how inSTREAM delivers automated delay repay claims processing, freeing up agent’s time to spend with customers


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