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  • ""We have a lot more time to spend on adding value to our relationships which is improving our customer growth and retention. We have seen a significant increase in our client portfolio this year which would not have been manageable without the introduction of inSTREAM." "

    George Mason, Head of Business Development
  • "We had a number of objectives in place and I’m delighted to say that Celaton have played a significant part in helping us to achieve them, Over the last three years inSTREAM has been core to our growth strategy."

  • "Celaton exceeded our expectations. An average 74% reduction in transaction costs and £1.45 million operational savings in 12 months."

    Financial Systems Manager, GTA

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Celaton offers a wide range of automation solutions to deliver significant value to organisations across a wide variety of industries. Whether an organisation is focused on speeding up the supply chain, improving customer service or optimising back-office processes, Celaton’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, inSTREAM can help.

Deliverable Benefits to Customers

Improve efficiency

Through significantly reducing human effort and error

Increase Throughput

inSTREAM is available 24 x 7, which, combined with the automation of tasks significantly increases the speed at which documents are processed.

Enhanced compliance

Visibility of data processed, and a full audit trail is maintained; also assisting customers with GDPR compliance

Low Cost of Entry

inSTREAM is delivered as a SaaS model therefore there are no hardware costs


inSTREAM is delivered on a fully scalable platform which can be scaled to meet customer requirements

Improved Customer and Supplier relationships

Faster processing times free up staff to spend more time with customers and suppliers enabling elevated service levels.

Celaton's Intelligent Process Automation platform, inSTREAM comprises multiple technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) / Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and cognitive computing to deliver the best solution to address customer business problems. Once implemented, processes are continually optimised through workforce supported machine learning

Crucially, inSTREAM’s Machine Learning algorithms means there is no need for template creation with every new document or exception received. With ‘Human in the Loop’ there is no need for recoding or technical skill.

Celaton’s inSTREAM platform means companies can achieve improved operational efficiencies today, as well as enhancing job satisfaction through the ability to deliver real value back to the organisation and its employees.

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