Virgin Trains

Supporting exceptional customer service with automated customer correspondence handling

Part of the Virgin Group, Virgin Trains is a train operating company in the United Kingdom which operates long-distance passenger services. The company turned to Celaton to implement its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, inSTREAM™ to help streamline the handling of its customer correspondence.


reduction in manual effort involved in correspondence processing

"Virgin Trains openly state that Celaton are one of the best suppliers in terms of service, insight, innovation and future proofing they have ever worked with."

Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

Transforming Customer Service with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Virgin Trains Acheived:

Scalability during surge periods without additional resource

Real time visibility and management of customer correspondence

Faster case resolution ensuring all correspondence are processed within SLAs

Significant improvement in customer experience

Improved staff morale and productivity

“ The result has been impressive and a complete success. We have significantly improved our ability to respond to customers and achieved flexibility and scalability whilst reducing cost. ”

Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

Intelligent Customer Correspondence Processing

The number of passengers wanting to travel with Virgin Trains was starting to increase, which generated a significant rise in the volume of customer emails. This was placing additional demands on the customer relations team, highly skilled individuals who were essentially being used for repetitive and manually intensive data entry.

Celaton deployed its Intelligent Process Automation Platform, inSTREAM, to help Virgin Trains streamline the labour intensive administrative tasks and decision making in handling their customer correspondence.

All customer correspondence (emails, post and web forms) are received by inSTREAM which learns the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing the document. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read and categorise the correspondence whilst recognising and extracting key information required to process the document and respond to the customer.

inSTREAM has acheived a multitude of benefits for Virgin Trains, including a reduction in processing time leading to improved case resolution, however, crucially it has enabled Virgin Trains to utilise the skills and passion of staff which has freed up time for them to create, implement and drive a sustainable long term strategy for customer relations.

Delay Repay Automation

“ At all times our objective is to respond to our customer and provide an amazing customer experience. With inSTREAM we can achieve this and we can cope with unexpected demands and exceed our customer expectations. ”

Christian Clarke, Head of Customer Relations, Virgin Trains

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