Faster more efficient claims processing for Train Operators

inSTREAM™ for Delay Repay (DR) is one of the leading compensation claims processing and management solutions for Train Operating Companies (TOCs), enabling them to significantly increase efficiencies, reduce cost and deliver an improved DR service to their customers.

Key Benefits:

Automated processing freeing up agent’s time to spend with customers

Faster processing times leading to improved customer satisfaction

Reduction in operational overheads

of errors

Fraud and duplicate detection

Minimal additional FTE resource required during surge periods

Compliant with ORR regulations and Consumer Rights Act requirements

inSTREAM for Delay Repay delivers solutions for both Manual Delay Repay (MDR) and Automatic Delay Repay (ADR) including the processing of claims for Smart Card, TfL and Oyster Card users. inSTREAM integrates with any CRM platform and TOC website and is fully configurable for individual TOC’s Delay Repay schemes ensuring full ORR and DfT compliance.

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Automatic Delay Repay & One-click

ADR claims can be applied to Online Advance Ticket Purchases and electronic tickets. inSTREAM ADR is a fully automated solution whereby customers receive compensation without any human intervention. A high level summary of the process is described below:

1.     inSTREAM downloads and imports booking data files describing  journeys, tickets and refunds from the previous day
2.   Journeys that meet the ADR filter are selected and queried for delay against the journey database
3.   inSTREAM creates a case in the TOC’s CRM system and once the compensation is processed inSTREAM sends an email to the customer to inform them
Delay Train Ticket

Manual Delay Repay

  • MDR claims processed regardless of the ticket type; paper, mobile, season, Smart Card, Oyster Card

  • Claims methods accepted: Station forms, via email or post or most commonly using the TOC website Compensation Claim

  • Verification and enrichment of data from data sources such as such as real-time train information and timetable schedules

  • Customer claim information validated to assess it to calculate both the claim decision and amount

  • CRM case updates, compensation payment and email to the customer automatically triggered

Fraud Detection

As part of claims processing, inSTREAM performs checks against other sources of information to query duplicate and conflicting claims and has several inbuilt fraud checks which include:

  • Regular Claimants
  • Looking at patterns of travel and if the claimant starts to claim for a number of journeys outside their usual pattern
  • Claims that are highly irregular, for example if a customer arrives at a station at 10am and then makes a claim for a train journey that left the same station at 10.30am

Reporting & Dashboards

inSTREAM reports

inSTREAM’s dashboards and reports provide organisations with visibility of processes and people enabling monitoring of costs, quality, capacity and productivity leading to greater control. inSTREAM provides analytics and insights into:

  • Data audit trails

  • Process insights

  • Performance analytics

All information is kept within a secure environment, with appropriate access granted. InSTREAM provides organisations with a simple and powerful way to bring together documents into a secure repository and create reports for management information.

Data Security

Full visibility of processes enables organisations to be fully GDPR compliant. Celaton is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation ensuring your data is protected. Celaton is certified as compliant with ISO 27001:2013 which is globally recognized as the premier information security management system (ISMS) standard. Celaton achieved certification by developing and implementing a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).nd GDPR compliant.


inSTREAM has a wide variety of integration capabilities to ensure that all information is validated, verified and delivered to business compliant systems. Some examples include:

Celaton also delivers trusted Intelligent Process Automation solutions for Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing and Customer Correspondence handling

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