Delivering efficiencies to Sales Order Processing with Intelligent Automation

Sybron specialises in supplying cleaning materials, hygiene disposables and catering products in several key market sectors across the UK. Sybron’s comprehensive product range and high level of service have enabled the business to grow significantly over the years. This success has led to rapid growth and an increase in orders as a result.

Sybron’s commitment to their customers meant they were seeking an automated solution and turned to Celaton to enable them to drive efficiencies into their sales order processing whilst continuing to provide exceptional service to their customers and partners

10 seconds

Average order processing time

"We have a lot more time to spend on adding value to our relationships which is improving our customer growth and retention. We have seen a significant increase in our client portfolio this year which would not have been manageable without the introduction of inSTREAM."

George Mason, Head of Business Development

Delivering Digitial Transformation with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Sybron Achieved:

Reduction in errors - inaccurate data prevented from entering the ERP system

Growth and scale

Significant improvement in customer experience

"One of our biggest USP’s is our company ethos and dedication to the customer. We have a very personable approach and pride ourselves on building strong working-partner relationships with clients. When considering automating our processes, it was very important for us not to lose that personal touch. inSTREAM enables us to retain our connection with our customers whilst still improving processing times and maintaining compliance.” ."

George Mason, Head of Business Development

Intelligent Sales Order Processing

inSTREAM is an Intelligent Document Processing platform comprising multiple technologies, including Machine Learning, OCR and Natural Language Processing, enabling organisations to automate repetitive and manually intensive end-to-end business processes.

inSTREAM receives all online and emailed customer orders; normalises the documents and identifies the relevant information to be extracted in line with Sybron’s business rules. This includes the date, customer details, order numbers, header, footer and line item details such as product description, code and prices. inSTREAM validates and verifies information extracted against customer databases to ensure minimum order values are reached, correct stock prices are applied, delivery schedules are adhered to, as well as performing checks on order totals.

Once all relevant data has been identified, extracted, validated and verified the order details are then delivered to Sybron’s ERP system and enters their order fulfilment and shipping queues for action by other departments.

The implementation of inSTREAM for sales order processing has enabled Sybron to work smarter, completing orders faster and with fewer errors, but most importantly, it allows the Sales Team to focus on more rewarding tasks and support the businesses’ rapid growth. Since the introduction of inSTREAM, the Sales Team estimate that over half of their day has now been freed up to spend on higher-value tasks.

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