Enabling growth and scale with invoice process automation in the retail industry

ASOS is one of the fastest growing companies in the online fashion and beauty industry, offering over 50,000 branded and own label products. To help manage and process the growing number of invoices the organisation was receiving due to the growing product range, they turned to Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing platform (IDP), inSTREAM™.

“We had a number of objectives in place and I’m delighted to say that Celaton have played a significant part in helping us to achieve them. Over the last three years inSTREAM has been core to our growth strategy.”


Delivering effiencies to the Accounts Payable Team

ASOS Achieved:

Growth and scale with-out recruitment of new staff

Visibility of processes with a universal hub for all incoming data

Faster processing times ensuring all invoices are processed within SLAs

Inaccurate data eliminated from entering the finance system

"We wanted something that was easy to implement and didn't involve IT. inSTREAM fitted the bill perfectly!"


Automated Invoice Processing

ASOS is a story of growth, scale and innovation. They are the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, and still growing strongly. The company’s commitment to innovation meant that they were seeking a way to improve their internal processes to continue growth without a high increase in operational costs. Invoice processing was identified as an area that would benefit from automation.

Celaton deployed its Intelligent Process Automation Platform (IPA), to enable ASOS to streamline the processing of electronic and paper invoices. All supplier invoices (emails, attachments and post) are received by inSTREAM, which learns the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing the document. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read and categorise the document whilst extracting key data and carrying out further tasks such as validation and verification of supplier details, PO checks, currency and date conversion and other business checks.

As a result of implementing inSTREAM, accurate and complete information enters ASOS’ finance system, resulting in quicker service times and better supplier relationships.

inSTREAM invoice process automation

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