• Introduction to inSTREAM

    Delivered as a service, inSTREAM™ processes the plethora of content and information that flows into organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees received by email, post, paper, fax, social media and many other electronic data streams. It’s intelligent automation, but to our customers, it’s the best knowledge worker they ever hired and it means better customer service, compliance and financial performance. 

    Introduction to inSTREAM - Intelligent Automation

  • inSTREAM on the BBC

    Watch Virgin Trains talk on BBC Panorama about the benefits of using inSTREAM for customer service. 

    Virgin Trains  - Email Processing Automation

  • NICE's bots just got cognitive

    NICE's RPA bots just got cognitive with the addition of Celaton's inSTREAM™ machine learning capabilities.

    NICE RPA & Celaton Machine Learning - intelligent automation

  • inSTREAM ADR on BBC News

    Watch the BBC News interview with Steve Tennant, Executive Director of Customer Services, Virgin Trains featuring Automatic Delay Repay powered by inSTREAM.

    inSTREAM Virgn Trains delay repay claims automation - BBC News

  • Queen's Award Interview

    Listen to Celaton's story and find out what winning the Queen's Award has meant to us.

    Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation Winners - CEO Interview

  • BCS Women in AI Accelerator Webinar

    AI is transforming our world.  It is being used in many different ways already, including personal assistances, business processes such as invoice processing and customer complaints handling as well as fighting crime, to name but a few applications of the technology.
    Celaton CEO, Andrew Anderson took part in the first AI Accelerator for BCS Women and hosted by BCSWomen Chair Sarah Burnett. Andrew explored what AI really means to business and how it can be applied.
    BCS Women in AI Accelerator Webinar
  • National Outsourcing Association - Andrew Anderson Interview

    Celaton CEO, Andrew Anderson particpated in an exclusive panel as part of the activities surorunding the National Outsourcing Assosciation's Awards. Andrew was joined by industry experts and business leaders from the likes of Thoughtonomy, Symphony Ventures and Capgemini to discuss the current state and future of automation. 

    National Outsourcing Association - Andrew Anderson Interview

  • Davies Group Interview

    We caught up with Celaton Customer, Mark Grocott from Davies Group  to find out how machine learning has benefited the business and what he thinks the future of the insurance industry looks like and how automation technologies will play a part.
    The Davies Group is one of the UK's premier providers of total claims solutions across all sectors of the insurance market, including Claims Management, Validation, Fulfilment and Bespoke Solutions for the majority of UK insurers, including companies like Churchill, Admiral and Zurich. Davies Group have been customers of Celaton since May 2011.
    Davies Group - automating claims processing
  • Bringing Robotic Intelligence to Business Process Complexity

    Presented By: Omer Fuchs, Head of Business Development & Strategy, NICE Advanced Process Automation and Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton

    The age of process automation is upon us. Most organizations at the forefront of customer service acknowledge the critical need for a robotic workforce in order to meet customer expectations, but what next?

    In this Webinar session, we will discuss the key elements and relevant technologies that will enable organizations of tomorrow to automate some of the most complex and challenging business processes.

    NICE Bringing Robotic Intelligence to Business Process Complexity