10 October 2017

Webinar: Bringing Robotic Intelligence to Business Process Complexity

Posted in Industry

Presented By: Omer Fuchs, Head of Business Development & Strategy, NICE Advanced Process Automation and Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton

Thursday 14th December 1pm E.S.T.

The age of process automation is upon us. Most organizations at the forefront of customer service acknowledge the critical need for a robotic workforce in order to meet customer expectations, but what next?

In this Webinar session, we will discuss the key elements and relevant technologies that will enable organizations of tomorrow to automate some of the most complex and challenging business processes.

Businesses today are facing a multitude of challenges that extend both internally and externally. Customer demands for immediacy grow relentlessly, and as customers become more digitally advanced these demands are set to grow in both volume and complexity. As such, organizations need to be equipped with cognitive tools to deal with large volumes of unstructured and unpredictable customer data, such as enquiries, complaints and other electronic data streams.

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About Celaton

Celaton lead the way in the application of machine learning to streamline processing of the plethora of content that organisations receive from their customers, suppliers and employees every day by email, post, paper, fax, social media and many other electronic data streams. It enables many of the world’s largest brands to deliver better service faster with fewer people. www.celaton.com
About NICE
NICE (Nasdaq:NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. NICE helps organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using NICE solutions. www.nice.com