13 February 2018

inSTREAM ensures Personalised Response for customers

Posted in News, Technology

Personal ResponseDeliver better customer service by accelerating resolution times and ensuring consistent and appropriate responses are sent to your customers with inSTREAM's Personalised Response module.

inSTREAM learns through the natural consequence of processing and can suggest the most appropriate response that should be returned based on its experience in handling previous correspondence. It gains confidence as a result of experience and becomes progressively more confident through understanding the meaning and intent of each incoming contact and enriching it with data from other sources. When confidence levels are not sufficient inSTREAM will suggest all potential responses but learns from the selection and other actions and decisions that operators make to become more confident and achieve continuous optimisation.

Customers are able to accelerate resolution times, ensure that responses are consistent and appropriate and enables organisations to deliver better customer service faster with fewer people.

Personalised Response is especially important for customer centric organisations and contact centres.