11 June 2018

Celaton shortlisted in TechMarketView’s Early-Stage Partner Programme

Posted in Partners

Technology analyst and advisory firm, TechMarketView today announced Celaton as one of the finalists in the Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptor initiative, the first in their Early Stage Partner Programme Series.

TMV Capital full logoFounders and CEOs of the shortlisted companies will attend an intensive 90-minute Pre-Qualification Session (PQS) with the Capita Scaling Partner team and TechMarketView research directors. The PQS events will be held in London on Monday 18 June and Wednesday 20 June 2018 after which successful candidates will progress through a series of business workshops to determine which will be chosen to join the Capita Scaling Partner programme.

Capita will sit side by side with the successful digital disruptors, pitching their proposition to its own client base and providing direct access to decision makers. Successful companies will be encouraged to think big and act big while retaining their own brand, culture, identity, agility, and negotiating terms with clients and suppliers on an equal footing. 

The shortlisted companies selected to attend the Pre-Qualification Sessions are:

  • Celaton
  • InteriMarket
  • Mapcite
  • Shaping Cloud
  • StaffCircle

To find out more about the programme follow this link - http://www.techmarketview.com/TMVESP/