06 June 2017

Capgemini & Celaton driving value with innovative AI solutions

Posted in Partners

Since announcing the partnership between Celaton and Capgemini over a year ago, the capgemini brochure web picturerelationship has grown from strength to strength. As recognized leaders in the field of AI, Capgemini and Celaton have come together  to create a powerful AI service that takes machine learning to the next stage of  delivery value and towards cognitive computing.

Together, Capgemini and Celaton have established a market-leading position as thought-leaders and practitioners in AI at a time when more and more customers are seeking guidance and expertise in the use of AI and modern, innovative automation tools to enable them to drive enhanced business value.

Today Capgemini and Celaton launch their partnership brochure and accompanying blog by Celaton CEO Andrew Anderson, explaining the potential business case, approach and resulting benefits that can be achieved through applying the unique blend of Celaton’s AI technology and Capgemini’s expertise.
You can read the full brochure by following this link or alternatively check out Andrew’s piece ‘Machine learning - tackling data volume and unpredictability’.