11 April 2018

AI is Augmented Intelligence

Posted in Technology

John Giannandrea, Apple's new head of AI believes that "there's just a huge amount of unwarranted hype around AI right now, much of it borderline irresponsible". The truth is certainly being stretched to fuel the hype but it's also affecting workers who feel threatened by the encroachment of new technology in their workplace and on their roles.

augment intelligence 2The reality is that artificial intelligence (AI ) is not as intelligent as the hype would have us believe. People remain an essential part of any business, they hold business critical knowledge, they are the problem solvers, the creators of culture, atmosphere and usually the first point of contact for your customers. They also have to deal with a fair amount of mundane work that impacts their enthusiasm and productivity. This is where technology can play its part.

Celaton’s inSTREAM platform augments human intelligence through supervised learning or “human in the loop” which is an essential function for inSTREAM™ to learn and gain confidence. When confidence is low, inSTREAM refers to a human operator and learns by monitoring their actions & decisions. With every transaction inSREAM's confidence improves and continuous optimisation is achieved. In addition, inSTREAM’s ability to deliver enriched and guaranteed perfect structured data into line of business systems enabling more in-depth insights into data and far greater visibility of information resulting in better customer service and compliance.

Regardless of the hype, we should think of "AI" as "Augmented Intelligence". Something that not only improves the productivity of workers but also their workplace and quality of life.