Benefits of applying Intelligent Process Automation to Sales Order Processing

The processing of sales orders is one of the key functions of any organisation and inefficiencies within the process can have a direct impact upon customer service, reputation and businesses profitability.  Yet, a process that carries such a high level of responsibility is all too often still in the dark ages when it comes to digital and automation technologies.

Many organisations still rely on processing sales orders manually, despite having implemented ERP systems, which can be less than efficient, often complex and add unnecessary time to order-to-cash cycles and delays to customer orders.  According to research firm IDC, organisations lose 20–30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies within business processes, a huge potential loss considering Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) could offer an effective and simple solution.

Sales order processing is a good candidate for IPA software not only due to the high volumes and repetitive nature of processing the documents but also because of the wide variation in document structures. Semi-structured and unstructured sales orders may be difficult for rules-based applications to process because of the high number of exceptions. IPA platforms, such as Celaton’s inSTREAM, use machine learning with ‘Human in the loop’. This is where the software refers exceptions to operators within the sales team when its confidence is low.  Operators will teach inSTREAM using an intuitive GUI and inSTREAM will apply that learning to future documents; the software learns from every transaction processed. Therefore, as the volume of sales orders increases, its confidence and accuracy improve to a point where Straight Through Processing (STP) is achieved delivering even greater efficiencies.

Implementing an IPA solution within sales order processing enables organisations to achieve:

  1. Faster Order fulfilment
  2. Greater visibility and Control
  3. Happier and more motivated staff
  4. Increased customer service and satisfaction

All of which leads to improved customer relationships, competitive advantage and business growth.  

In an age of high competition driven by consumer choice and demand, starting a digital transformation journey and implementing an IPA solution could offer organisations the opportunity to get ahead and secure their future success.

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