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Simplifying Accounts Payable with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Kuoni, part of Der Touristik (UK) Ltd, are one of the world’s leading luxury tour operators. As the reputation of Kuoni spread among consumers, they found themselves receiving an increasing number of bookings and supplier invoices as a result. In order to sustain this continual rapid growth, Kuoni deployed Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform, inSTREAM™ in its Accounts Payable department.


reduction in invoice processing time

“ The real differentiator for me is inSTREAM’s ability to deal with a hugely complex environment. Because of inSTREAM, we can deal with thousands of travel documents, from every country in every language. ”

Chief Financial Officer

Delivering Digitial Transformation with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Kuoni Travel Achieved:

74% reduction in average transaction costs

Faster processing times ensuring all invoices are processed within SLAs

Growth and scale whilst controlling operational costs

“Celaton have helped us to achieve our objectives. As an organisation they are adaptable and flexible, as a customer I am fortunate to have continuity and visibility throughout Celaton which makes them an easy company to work with. ”

Chief Financial Officer

Automating Invoice Processing

Each travel package booking Kuoni made carried with it numerous supplier invoices, often from around the world, in different languages and in varying currencies. Invoices were manually handled by the accounts team, painstakingly extracting all the relevant information for payment.

Celaton deployed inSTREAM to enable Kuoni to streamline the entire invoice handling process, reducing costs, improving visibility and throughput in a resilient and scalable way. All supplier invoices (emails, attachments, post and web forms) are received by inSTREAM which learns the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing documents. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read and categorise the document whilst extracting key data and carrying out further tasks such as validation and verification of supplier details, PO checks, currency conversion and other business checks.

inSTREAM has enabled Kuoni to scale up its operations as the business grows without the need for additional resource. Staff now have immediate access to accurate and relevant content, enabling them to respond to supplier queries and ultimately provide their customers with better holiday packages.

inSTREAM Invoice process automation

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