Capgemini - P2P

As one of the world’s foremost providers of consultancy, technology and outsourcing services, Capgemini constantly strive to deliver enhanced business value, increased efficiencies and an exceptional customer experience to their clients.
One of Capgemini’s clients was looking to transform the way they process their customer invoices and requested an innovative solution. Capgemini responded by engaging their artificial intelligence (AI) partner Celaton to deploy their cognitive machine learning platform, inSTREAM™, that achieves ever extending efficiency gains through reducing the amount of manual effort required in the process.


Upon receiving an invoice from a dedicated Capgemini mailbox, inSTREAM™ reads, understands and extracts the key data, validating it against the business’ legal and compliance requirements. If inSTREAM™ cannot interpret the document, it refers the transaction as an exception to a human operator, applying machine learning to learn from the actions and decisions of the human operator. With every exception, machine learning ensures that continuous optimisation is achieved, reducing the need for human intervention and freeing up people for higher value tasks. The validated structured data is then delivered to a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot for entry into the customers ERP system.

Benefits Achieved

  • 67% reduction in the number of FTESs needed in the process
  • 20% decrease in Help Desk queries
  • Improvement in customer experience
  • Eliminates inaccurate data from entering the finance system

  • "Capgemini and Celaton can clearly demonstrate tangible, innovative and fully operational AI implementations that are delivering business value..."

    Jon Bell, Head of Global Delivery Network, Capgemini Business Services
  • "We are taking our delivery from debate to global implementation and are proud to partner with Celaton as a leading vendor in the business process AI space."

    Lee Beardmore, VP & CTO, Capgemini Business Services