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Celaton inSTREAM™ is an enterprise-class, ready-to-deploy, machine learning platform that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline processing of the plethora of information that flows in to organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees by post, paper, fax, email, attachments, social media and other electronic data streams. Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing and monitoring the actions and decisions of humans in the process.
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Capture & Normalise
Understand Meaning &
Recognise & Extract
Key Data
Verify & Enrich
Processed Data
Captures & normalises incoming information received by post/paper, fax, ( built in OCR handles image conversion), email, attachments, social media, web forms & other electronic data streams.
Learns the pattern of content to understand meaning & intent, examining the content and data as a whole & with the benefit of  previous experiential knowledge.
Learns the pattern of unstructured content to recognise & extract key data. Dynamically builds references to key data by monitoring the actions of operators who collaborate with the process.
Enables a broader view of processed information by verifying & enriching the extracted data with additional data referenced in other information systems, private and public sources of data.
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Determine & Execute
Send Personalised &
Appropriate Responses
Monitor Tasks &
Integrate with line of
business systems
Execute outcomes based on all information gathered & using previous experience, learnt knowledge & business rules.
Learns to suggest or submit the most appropriate & personalised response based on understanding of processed information.
Monitors everything you need to know that matters in every transaction in real-time through flexible wallboards & reports.
Seamlessly integrates with business applications such Oracle, SAP, Dynamics, Blue Prism, UiPath and many more.

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